Declaration by The Catholic Parents Association of Quebec in regards to the new sex education program in Quebec schools

Declaration by The Catholic Parents Association of Quebec addressed to the Government of Quebec, to the Ministère de l’Éducation et de l’Enseignement supérieur du Québec, in regards to the new sex education program in Quebec schools

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The Quebec Ministry of Education intends to impose, as soon as possible a new sex education program to all children across Quebec, starting in kindergarten and all through high school. This subject matter would be integrated into all academic subjects. After having studied the content of the program as is presented on the web site of the ministry, the Association des parents catholiques du Québec (APCQ) declares:

That this new sex education program, mandatory for all children attending Quebec schools, goes directly against the values and morals founded in the Catholic faith and  instituted by the Catholic Church and against the parents who wish to transmit these values to their children.

The APCQ denounces more specifically the following points pertaining to this program:

  • the presentation of an ambiguous sexual identity lining up with the gender theory starting at the age of 5 years old
  • the teaching and explicit encouragement in sexual exploration and promiscuity to children from 5 to 16 years of age
  • the teaching of an ideological vision of human sexuality which radically contradicts the Christian anthropology
  • the provocation in the public context of the classroom to the questioning of one’s intimate and personal values transmitted by the family and our Catholic faith.

The APCQ deplores the lack of:

  • serious scientific research to support the psychological maturity and ability of children from 5 to 16 years old to judge, question and process the proposed sexual behaviors described in the program
  • consideration of the great physical vulnerability of young boys and especially of young girls in terms of sexually transmitted diseases that have now reached epidemic proportions–some of these diseases even lead up to chronic conditions and infertility

The APCQ would like to remind that:

  • similar school sex education programs in the United States as well as elsewhere in Canada have not reduced sexually transmitted diseases nor sexual promiscuity among young people who begin at increasingly younger ages—in addition, teen pregnancies and abortions have increased instead of decreased
  • education of human sexuality takes into account the child’s intimacy , their psychological dimension as well as a spiritual, affective and moral dimension—thus the priority of the parent not the school
  • when parents confide their children to an educational institution they are not giving the institution a «blank check»–they still have the right to control what their children are to learn inside the education system

CONSEQUENTLY, l’Association des parents catholiques du Québec (APCQ) DECALARES THAT: 

  • The Ministry of Education must recognize that according to laws and charters—notably rights provided by the UN—and rights constantly taught by the Catholic Church, that parents are the primary educators responsible for the education of their children. Therefore, the imposition of this new program involving sex education infringes on this fundamental right of the parent.
  • As the primary educators of their children, parents hold the priority in dispensing the education to human sexuality or in delegating and authorizing persons or institutions in this type of education for their children.
  • The Quebec sex education program infringes on the right to private life of our children from ages 5 to 16 years.
  • The Quebec sex education program is a threat to the physical and mental health and the future of our children through the teaching of behavior that is not adapted to their age and maturity and not supported by real science.


L’Association des parents catholiques du Québec (APCQ) denounces the imposition of this new sex education program. Parents have the right to demand that the Ministry of Education be made responsible and accountable in the type of education dispensed to our children. Therefore, we demand the following:

  1. That parents be informed ahead of time and that their authorization be required for all education transmitted to their children in regards to sex education, values and morals, may it be through any means, (different courses, books, videos, outings, special guests etc.)
  2. That all instruction concerning human sexuality be restricted to one designated time and not integrated sporadically into several subject matters
  3. That all students whose parents have not given permission for the education of this program be treated with respect and esteem and that these students be accommodated in a responsible manner by permitting them to go into another class or to the school library.

Georges Buscemi, president

Endorsed by all members of the executive committee of l’APCQ

Montreal, March 28, 2017

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